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Background information
Appears in
Feature firsts
Feature lasts
Character information
Full name
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Cause of death Explosion released grenade by Michael Brody
Other names Unknown
Appearances Jaws 3-D
Portrayed by
Animatronic shark montage
Great White Shark from Jaws the Revenge 1-0
Great White Shark from Jaws III

Brucetta (a.k.a Jaws The Third/Jaws III) is the nickname for the the shark depicted in the film Jaws: 3D and serves as the main villain.

Role in Jaws 3DEdit

Brucetta and her child breached Sea World where Brucetta killed diver Shelby Overman and two coral thieves in cold blood. Her child was captured and died in captivity, causing her to fly into a rage (although sharks do not have maternal instincts), so Brucetta went into Sea World's lagoon and started murdering, slaughtering, and killing people or destroying portions of the park's underwater tunnels. She eventually destroyed the underwater control room, getting her head stuck in the window and killing a technician in the process. Earlier she had failed to devour FitzRoyce's corpse (although succeding in killing him), which still contained a hand grenade. Mike "Michael" Brody was able to use a metal pole to pull the pin out of the grenade, blowing Brucetta's head apart and killing her. Her jaws are then shown floating towards the screen.

List of victimsEdit


Following story arc lineage, this shark is believed to have been the granddaughter of the shark seen in the first film Jaws or a seperate shark altogether. At roughly 35 feet, she is also the largest shark yet seen in the Jaws Franchise.

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