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Great White Shark from Jaws 2
Burnedface, not scarface
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Brucette's demise

Brucette (a.k.a. Jaws The Second/Jaws II) is the nickname coined by fans of the Jaws Series. It attacked swimmers during the infamous 'Second Amity Incident' and later depicted as the predator  and the Main Antagonist in the film Jaws 2.  

It is the only shark in the series to be electrocuted.


A portion of this shark's face and jaws were burnt in a boating attack and the subsequent explosion. Later it is electrocuted by Brody after being lured into biting a cable then set on fire near a small power station known as Cable Junction.


Two sharks were constructed for the film as well as a tow fin. Two of the fully built mechanical sharks were initially referred to as 'Bruce Two' but then later affectionately nicknamed 'Harold and Fidel' after lawyers. More recently fans have created their own name for the shark preferring to call her 'Brucette' being she was supposedly female and mate (according to the film's novelization written by Hank Searls) of Bruce as seen in Jaws.

List of victims

In other Media

In the novelization of the film, (written by Hank Searls) Brucette is revealed in the early chapters to be the mate of the first shark that terrorized Amity.  Returning to the same waters her young were concieved in to give birth, Brucette manages to give birth to only one shark pup before being electrocuted.  Years later, duing the events of the novelization for Jaws: The Revenge (also written by Seals) Brucette's sole surviving pup would return as an adult to once more threaten the Brody family.

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