Danny was a nickname for the baby shark from Jaws 3-D. Michael Brody and Kay encountered it during their search for Shelby Overman in the lagoon where it attacked Michael and Kay, though the two fortunately escaped unharmed with the help of the resident dolphins. They informed SeaWorld's park manager Calvin Bouchard of the shark's presence, but he does not believe them, although the news is exciting to his underwater film maker and photographer friend, Phillip FitzRoyce, who states his intention to kill the shark on network television. Kay was able to convince Bouchard that capturing and keeping the great white shark in captivity would guarantee TV crews and money constantly rolling into SeaWorld.

After gaining permission from Bouchard, Danny was captured and placed it in Sea World's nursing tank to nurse it back to health. Calvin, desperate to start the money rolling in immediately, prematurely orders it moved to a small tank for exhibit without Kay's permission. Kay and Michael rushed to help Danny as the crowds watch, but despite their efforts, Danny eventually succumbed to the stress of exposure and died moments later. Danny's mother, Brucetta, who roughly measures 35 feet revealed herself and began to exact her revenge by attacking SeaWorld's underwater tunnel and causing water to leak into the underwater tunnel, trapping everyone.