Gigi Vorgan is an actress who played Brooke Peters in Jaws 2.


Gig appeared in tv shows, films, and did voice over work. She was part of an ADR loop group in 3 films and wrote 3 episodic scripts for television .

Portrayal in Jaws 2Edit

Gigi played Brooke Peters, the cousin of Jackie Peters, and they go out sailing, Jackie goes with Mike Brody, and Andy Nicholas, while Brooke goes with Timmy. Brooke witnesses Sean fall into the water, and she stops Andy from going in after, him while a girl named Marge, goes after him. Brooke was happy that Sean was okay, but devasted that the shark killed Marge.

Still on the boat with Sean, she and another guy fall into the water head first, and Brooke swims to the rocks, out of reach of the shark.


  • Come on, Marge!