Hank Searls is a American Author and Screenwriter.

Early LifeEdit

Henry was born on August, 10, 1923 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Personal LifeEdit

He is married to Actress Bunny Cooper with whom he has two children with. The family resides in Gig Harbor, Washington.



  • Birth Name is Henry Hunt Searls Jr.
  • He Lived most of his life on, under or over the ocean, having been a world-cruising yachtsman, underwater photographer and Navy Flier.
  • Alternate Name is Henry Searls
  • His star sign is Leo
  • Wrote episodes for the TV shows such as "The Fugitive" and "The New Breed"
  • Many of His novels were adapted into films such as "The Crowded Sky", "The Penetrators", "The Pilgrim Project" and "Overboard".
  • Wrote A biography based on the United States Navy Junior officer Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Has written over nineteen novels in his career

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