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Jaws: The Revenge (also known as Jaws 4: The Revenge or simply Jaws 4), is a 1987 American horror thriller film directed by Joseph Sargent. It is the third and final sequel to Steven Spielberg's Jaws and the fourth and final installment in the Jaws franchise.

The film focuses on Ellen Brody, and her convictions that a shark is after her family, especially when a great white follows her to the Bahamas. Jaws: The Revenge was shot on location in New England and in the Bahamas, and completed on the Universal lot. Like the first two films, Martha's Vineyard was the location of the fictional Amity Island for the opening scenes. Although preceded by Jaws 3-D, Revenge ignores plot elements introduced in that film. Jaws 3-D is considered to be non-canon, and Universal has confirmed that Jaws: The Revenge completes the Jaws trilogy.

Jaws: The Revenge earned the least amount of money in the series and was panned by critics, with a 0% rating on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes. It also had the shortest production window of the Jaws movies: While the other three films in the series took around two years to produce, Jaws: The Revenge was made in less than nine months. According to associate producer and production manager Frank Baur during the sequel's filming, "This (Revenge) will be the fastest I have ever seen a major film planned and executed in all of my 35 years as a production manager." It was nominated for seven Razzie awards and is considered to be one of the worst films of all time.


On Amity Island, sheriff Martin Brody, the hero of two previous shark attacks, has died from a heart attack. His wife, Ellen Brody, thinks it was from fear of sharks. She now lives with Brody's younger and more obedient son Sean and his fiancée Tiffany. Sean works as a police deputy and is sent to clear a log from a buoy a few days before Christmas. As he does so, a massive great white shark bursts out of the water, severing his arm, then pulls him under the surface and kills him, sinking his boat in the process.

Ellen is convinced that the shark deliberately targeted Sean. She is convinced by her elder son, Michael Brody, to go to the Bahamas to spend time with his wife Carla and their 5-year-old daughter Thea. At the islands, Ellen meets carefree airplane pilot Hoagie. Mike—along with partners Jake, William, and Clarence—works as a marine biologist, who were recently given a grant to study the behavior of Conchs.

The shark that killed Sean unexpectedly appears and attempts to devour their boat. The crew decides to keep quiet about the shark's presence due to Ellen's attempts to convince Michael to find a job on land. Ellen becomes so obsessive that she starts having nightmares of being attacked by a shark. Then she starts getting psychic feelings when the shark is near or attacks. She and the shark seem to share a strange connection that is unexplained and almost paranormal. The crew decides to attach a device to the shark that would track its heartbeat. Using chum to attract it, Jake stabs the device's tracking pole into the side of the shark. The next day, Mike is chased by the shark into a sunken ship, and barely manages to escape unharmed.

Thea goes on an inflatable banana boat with her friend Margaret and her mother. The shark attacks and kills Margaret's mother. Thea and Carla are traumatized following the attack. A furious Ellen boards Jake's boat to track down the shark, intending to sacrifice herself to save the rest of her family. Mike and Jake are flown by Hoagie to search for Ellen and find the shark in pursuit of their boat (which Ellen has hijacked). During the search, Hoagie explains to Mike about Ellen's theory that the shark that killed Sean has followed her to the Bahamas to exact revenge on the Brody family. When they finally find her and the shark, Hoagie lands the plane on the water, ordering Mike and Jake swim to the boat as the shark drags the plane and Hoagie underwater.

Much to Ellen's disbelief, Hoagie managed to out-swim the shark. Mike was upset with Ellen because he was worried that she would have been killed by the shark. Jake and Mike hastily put together an explosive powered by electrical impulses. They begin blasting the shark with the impulses, which begin to drive it mad; it repeatedly breaks the surface of the water, roaring in pain. As Jake moves to the front of the boat, the shark lunges, giving it the chance to pull Jake under and maul him. He manages to get the explosive into the shark's mouth before he is taken underwater.

Mike continues to blast the shark with the impulses, causing it to leap out of the water again, igniting the bomb as Ellen rams the shark with the boat. The broken bowsprit impales the shark, and its corpse sinks to the bottom of the sea. Mike then hears Jake, seriously injured but somehow alive, floating in the water. The four survive the harsh encounter and make it back to land. Hoagie then flies Ellen back to Amity Island.


Jaws: The Revenge references in other mediaEdit

Finding Nemo has a scene of Bruce the white shark chasing Marlin and Dory in a wrecked submarine, with shots and angles that homage the scene where the shark chases Michael in a boat wreck.

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