Jaws Unleashed shark

Jaws is large man-eating Great White Shark and the fourth one to terrorize Amity Island. He is the main antagonist and only playable of Jaws Unleashed.

Storyline Edit

First Attacks Edit

The Shark appears off shore and attacks several people, straight away killed them. He had torn open a shark cage, killed The Environplus CEO's son, and rammed several boats. Soon, the Shark attacked a coastline on Amity Island, killing more victims. He tore apart docks before he was captured by Martin Brody and his crew.

Breakout Edit

The Shark was placed in the Amity Island Sea World in a quarantine pen, soon to be used as a live attraction. Mayor Vaughn insist on releasing the Shark into the attraction area, but Michael Brody disagrees about him being released yet as he wants to study it. The Environplus CEO, Steven Shaw, wants the Shark killed, for it killed his son. However, Mayor Vaughn disagrees.

Due to the Shark's unusually high intelligence, he figured out how to escape the pen. He pulled in a scientist and placed his body next to a machine. The machine scanned him, opening the doors, releasing the Shark into Amity Island Sea World. Right away, the Shark killed several security guards and broke into an underwater observation hallway, drowning and eating several visitors.

The Shark broke more of the underwater observation's hallways, which released a wave into a massive dock area. Again, he broke the docks and killed many visitors and security guards. The Shark escaped the dock area by breaking another underwater observation hallway, once again, allowing the water to flow inside.

The Shark exited the small hallways into the main area of Amity Island Sea World. There, he killed many Dolphins and fought a Orca. The Orca managed to put up a good fight, but the Shark managed to tear the Orca apart and exit the Amity Island Sea World, free to roam once again.

Damage Control Edit

Because Shaw's underwater seaseekers, the Shark became attract to human settlements on the coastlines of Amity. Despite Martin's warning, Major Vaughn decided to keep the seaseekers.

During midnight, after breaching Shark Nets and raming a couple boats with armed men on them, the Shark attacked another coastline, killing a number swimmers. Two men drove a truck and reaching the Coastline Refinery, and starting throwing explosive barrels at the Shark, who began attacking the Refinery, then shooting a the barrels, which created explosions. They tried this tatic to kill the Shark.

But the Shark, using its heightened reflexes and intelligence, grabbed the barrels, before the men could shoot them, and threw the explosive barrels at parts of the Refinery. After a short but intense fight, the Shark managed to throw enough barrels to destroy the Refinery. After the attack was finished, the Shark swam away as the Refinery burned in the distance.

No DeliveryEdit

The next night, the Shark proceeded towards a Cargo Sea Port, evading participants of the Shark Tournment, but was eventually sighted. A massive stampede to kill the Shark began in front of the Cargo Sea Port. But the Shark was demolished everything in its way; small or large. 

After successfully entering the Cargo Sea Port, the Shark found dozens of explosive barrels in the water and threw them all acoss the port, eventually hitting containers of explosives. The mixed explosion blew the Cargo Sea Port apart, killing anyone nearby, aside from the Shark, who escaped. 

Into The BayEdit

In the morning, the Shark was heading towards a bay. Before the Shark reached the bay, it wrecked havoc by killed dozens of armed Scuba Divers and oblitarting two Oil Rigs. 

In order to destory the bay, the Shark needed to destory the Power, which was being generated by a massive fan. Evading the spinning blades, the Shark destroyed several massive pipes, which deactived the fan, allowing the destruction of the bay.

During the explosion the Shark managed to escape the area, but a Tracker Boat, piloted by Martin, approached. The Tracker Boat released explosive canisters, which explode on impact, at the Shark, but the beast dodged them. Eventaully, the Shark found a way to destroy the Tracker Boat; it grabbed the explosive cainsters and threw them back at the Tracker Boat. which blew it up. Martin was rescued by a Environplus Helicopter, who Cruz Raddock, a well known shark killer, was on. Cruz tells Martin he's here to kill the Shark. After the destruction, the Shark swam away. 


The Shark, who was swimming in the ocean, was quickly surronded by armed boats. After destroying a number, waves and waves of reinforcments approached.

After an very intense slaughter of the reinforcments, a Environplus Helicopter swooped down and attacked the Shark. After a short struggle, the Shark managed to destory The Environplus Helicopter and leave the battleground.

Remains Of A Previous DayEdit

A individual carring explosives, was releasing the canisters into the oceab in hopes of killing the Shark. However, an incident involving two canisters caused an explosion. Scuba Divers beneath the ocean were forced to retreat due to the canisters exploding. They found themselves in a area filled with Naval Contact Mines, with the Shark chasing them. They separted in the Mine Field to escape the Shark, but the beast had caught their scent. Avoiding the mines, the Shark managed to kill the Scuba Divers one at a time. 

During a interview with Mayor Vaughn, the Major comfirmed the rumors that the beaches will stay open for Amity Island's Independence Day.

A Vengeful ManEdit


His mission complete, Jaws swims off into the sunset. He will be the only shark living at the end of Jaws series.

This shark is presumed to be Brucetta or Vengeance's mate.

Notable VictimsEdit