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Great White Shark from Jaws 0

The shark's first full appearance.

Great White Shark from Jaws 4

Quint pointing a gun at Bruce.

Great White Shark from Jaws 3

The shark jumps in the boat.

Great White Shark from Jaws 1

The shark leaps onto the Orca.

Great White Shark from Jaws 6



The Shark moves onto the Orca stern.

Great White Shark from Jaws 7

Bruce kills Quint.

Great White Shark from Jaws 8

Bruce attacks Brody

Great White Shark from Jaws 5

Close-up of the sharks teeth after eating Quint

Great White Shark from Jaws 9

The shark with a compressed air tank in the mouth.

Great White Shark from Jaws 10

Shot of the shark before being blown up.

Bruce or Jaws (also nicknamed by the Amity Island locals as "The Trouble") was a large man-eating Great White Shark that terrorized Amity Island and serves as the main antagonist in the Jaws novel and film.​​

History Edit

Although it's origins remains unknown, Jaws arrived in Amity Island's waters, and when it did, it claimed it's first victim: Christine Watkins while she was skinny dipping in the dead of night, and dragged her underwater. Shortly after reporting her disappearance, Amity Police Chief Brody and Deputy Hendricks soon discovers that Chrissie's remains on the main beach of Amity Island, and as soon as they did, they attempted to close the beaches after the coroner ruled her death as a "Shark Attack". But Mayor Larry Vaughan denies it was a shark attack, and he feared that reports of a shark attack will ruin the summer tourist season which is the town's primary source of income. Jaws' presence in Amity's waters soon became known to the public after it claimed it's second victim: Alex Kintner while he was swimming on a yellow inflatable raft at the beach. After Alex's death, a bounty was put on Jaws, and soon after the bounty had been placed, every fishermen on the island began to hunt down Jaws. Marine Biologist Matt Hooper was called in to examine Chrissie's body, and he was able to verify it was a "Shark Attack", not a "Boating Accident" as predicted by the doctor.

A fishermen caught a shark but it was the wrong kind, so Hooper wants to prove to the mayor and the chief by cutting it open there were no bodies in the shark. so they team up with a grizzled shark hunter Quint and go on a fishing journey. They lure the shark in with chum quint puts bait on a line and he see's it being taken by the shark so he gets ready to catch him but he goes under the boat. They tie a line to a barrel and shoot the shark with a harpoon and a barrel is attached to the shark the barrel is meant to keep the shark from diving underneath the water away from the team's sight but he goes down and he goes down with 2 barrels and 3. They send Hooper in a shark cage to inject poison into the sharks body but the shark bumps into the cage and knocks the spear from his hand the shark rips the cage apart Hooper gets out and the shark gets stuck on the cage, they real in the cage and they think he's dead, the shark jumps on the boat and kills quint the chief throws a oxygen tank in the sharks mouth and blows the shark up. After all the ruckus Hooper surfaces from the water and the folks get on floating the barrels kick themselves back to the beaches of Amity Island.


Because the shark depicted in Jaws did not appear to look like a standard typical Great White shark, it has been suggested that this shark was in fact a mutated beast rather than a genetically perfect Great White shark specimen. This would also account for its maniacal personality and traits depicted in the film in so far as outward rogue behavior.

In Jaws, Bruce was destroyed by a compressed air tank during a sea battle led by APD chief Brody, Oceanographer Hooper, and Sea captain Quint. In reality, no evidence of the shark's remains have ever been found and this particular shark has yet to be seen again. A hollow, static copy of "Bruce" from the film was discovered in a junkyard years later, and is in essence a fourth "Bruce" pulled from molds for the mechanical shark used in the production of the film. Serious fans of the film have christened this rare find, "Junkyard Bruce", or Rick Grimes

List of victimsEdit


  • The shark was originally called "Bruce" by film crew members in reference to Steven Spielbergs lawyer, Bruce Raynor, fans tend to prefer using the nickname as an official moniker.
    • Bruce, the great white shark featured in the animated Pixar film Finding Nemo also named after the shark.
  • The American Film Institute ranked Jaws, credited as "The Shark" as the eighteenth best villain in American film history in their list of the 100 greatest heroes and villains.

Shark ProductionEdit

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