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Jaws 5: Resurrection (aka JAWS: The Reckoning) is a hypothetical fifth Jaws film in the stalled Jaws franchise, which has not seen a follow up
produced since Jaws the Revenge.


Years after the Amity Incident, Matt Hooper returns to Amity to discover that only he holds the missing clue to solving a problem that has now inexplicably resurfaced.

Casting considerationsEdit

Morgan Freeman as Ira Issacs III 

Christopher Walken as Elliot Stang

Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper

Paul Giamatti as Mayor Franz Standler

Erica Durance as Thea Brody

Matthew Broderick as Michael Brody

Carolyn Lawrence as Carla Brody

Other sequelsEdit

There are also rumors of a predecessor of Jaws: The Revenge


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