Jaws V is the nickname of the sixth giant great white shark to plague Amity Island and the titular protagonist of the video game Jaws Unleashed. Unlike the previous four sharks preceding it, Jaws V is more of an anti-hero, mostly attacking the humans that want to use corporate construction to pollute and destroy its ocean home. Though Michael Brody served as one of its enemies, he was more interested in studying the creature than actually killing it. Larry Vaughn, the mayor of Amity, serves as its inadvertent main enemy out of his desire to build up Amity at the expense of the ocean. Environplus CEO Steven Shaw serves as a more direct enemy for the shark due to it killing his son, as did shark hunter Cruz Raddock.

Characteristics and abilities Edit

Jaws V was perhaps the strongest of the six great whites seen in the franchise; it was able to rip a grown Orca in half with ease, and took on a monstrous colossal squid almost 80 feet long by ripping off its tentacles, blinding it and tricking it into shredding itself in a power plant's grinders. It also destroyed several ships and was able to successfully destroy a marine laboratory, severely damage and escape from an aquarium, destroy a power plant, and rip a helicopter out of the air. Despite its great strength, the shark was still easily injured and was often forced to eat other creatures and humans alike to regain its health. Despite mostly killing corporate-aligned foes in its vendetta against human-caused devastation, Jaws V was indiscriminate in whom it killed as it rampaged through Amity's waters, taking any swimmer when it needed food.

Known Victims Edit

  • Larry Vaughn
  • Cruz Raddock
  • Steven Shaw
  • Shaw, Jr.
  • Numerous unknown swimmers and divers

Trivia Edit

  • Jaws V does not have the characteristic jowls seen in the other sharks of the franchise, and looks more like a normal great white, barring its 25-foot size.
  • Jaws V was the only shark in the franchise to interact directly with Mayor Vaughn and the only one to succeed in killing him.
  • Jaws V was the fourth shark to interact with Michael Brody.
  • Jaws V is the only shark that could be considered a protagonist in the franchise.
  • Jaws V is the only shark not to die at the end of its story.

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