Kelly Ann Bukowski
Background information
Appears in
Feature firsts
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Character information
Full name
Gender Female
Status Unknown (likely alive)
Cause of death
Other names Kelly
Relationships Sean Brody (boyfriend) But he's dead
Allies Sean Brody, Michael Brody, Kathryn Morgan
Appearances Jaws 3D
Portrayed by Lea Thompson
Kelly Ann Bukowski is Sean's girlfriend.

She was portrayed by Lea Thompson in Jaws 3D.

Jaws 3DEdit

Kelly encounters the shark while she is in the bumper boats towards the middle of the film when a guy bumps the boat it tips over,Then the shark brushes against her left leg and takes a bite. Then realizes she tastes horrible. Then the shark charges towards a pier in the beach area. Eating a guy or 2 guys off-screen (possibly) before disappearing. Kelly is transported to the hospital with Sean goes with her.

Kelly's final fate is unknown.