Quinn was the 'self proclaimed' son of the infamous shark hunter Quint. The likeness was uncanny and many believed Quinn was possibly related. Other believed Quinn was simply a Robert Shaw doppelganger obsessed with the film JAWS.

Son of Quint


By all accounts, he was rude and snobby, and was obsessed with killing the shark seen in the film JAWS and its sequels so much, that he allowed himself to be killed by the mechanical shark constructed for the JAWS attraction at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Witnesses told local reporters that when they last they saw Quinn he had jumped off the tour boat and was seen screaming and uttering "AQUA! AAAQQQUUUAAA!" Investigators initially believed this could have been some kind of occult oriented curse, or possibly a Gaelic dialect, but later determined it to simply be a gut reaction to throwing up due to an O.D. of Pepsi and Skittles. After a brief struggle, Quinn disappeared into the wake of the boat never to be seen again.

USF shark


During the confusion that led to Quinn's demise, a park visitor was apparently seen via closed circuit camera stepping on Quinn's fingers as he attempted to climb back onto the tour boat. Many believe the park visitor that stepped on Quinn's hand was a Harry Potter fan seeking revenge against Quinn who had weeks earlier staged a Harry Pottter book burning in front of the JAWS attraction at Universal Studios Florida.


Controversy remains as to whether black magic had anything to do with the occurrence. As irony will have it, a Harry Potter attraction is set to to the place of the JAWS attraction much to the dismay of JAWS fans worldwide. Raw CCTV footages show Quinn sinking under the water due to his Metallica T-shirt having been caught on the fin of the mechanical shark.

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